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Happy Monday friends! Today I will be sharing a Day in my Life as a blogger, as well as how I am able to keep up with everything! I always get a ton of questions of how I am able to keep up with everything so today you will get to see exactly how I do.  I am not going to lie there are some days that are harder than others but what makes them come together for me is caffeine. I’ve recently gotten the chance to try out the new Diet Coke® flavors and trust me you need to try these out! My absolute favorite one has to be the Twisted Mango flavor! It literally makes me feel like I’m on vacation! You can find them in your local Randall’s store near the soft drinks section! You can try all the flavors at such a great price here.  They have their own display that you can’t miss! You can also save some money with this Ibotta offer! Earn $1.25 with the purchase of 1 Diet Coke 8-pack, 12 oz. cans (any variety), along with any brand of avocados (any variety, any size). Both products must be purchased on the same receipt to receive credit for this rebate. 


The first thing I do every day is reach for some caffeine and of course my laptop.  The morning time tends to be my busiest so I love to get right into it and Diet Coke definitely helps wake me up! The Diet Coke I drank on this day is the Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange. It’s the perfect blend of orange and is so refreshing making it perfect to wake up! During this time, I will reply back to any emails I’ve received as well as finish up any Facebook threads I might have had the day before. Once I get that all done I go straight into writing my blog post!

This is the lengthier part of my morning because depending on the blog post I’m doing it could require some research and I will also edit my photos during this time. Once I’m done with my post it’s the afternoon time which means lunch!


So far, I have my blog post written, replied to emails, and finished up engagement threads.  By this time, I’m starving so I will usually go ahead and eat. On somedays I have phone meetings and they usually fall around the afternoon time.  Of course, what is a meeting without a drink so my drink of choice was the Diet Coke Ginger Lime flavor! It seriously is the perfect amount of zest needed for meetings and getting things done! If you love lime flavored drinks this one is for you!After meetings are done I will go back into checking emails and messages.  Then of course it’s social media time! This is the time where I will participate in engagement on all my socials.  I will also promote my blog post of the day on all my socials.  Depending on the day, this will take somewhere between 3-4 hours.  I’m also a social media manager so I will start working on different client accounts.


I don’t know about you guys but this is where I will start to feel like the day is taking over aka it’s time for a pick me up! Nothing says pick me up like Feisty Cherry so of course this was the next flavor of the day! It seriously taste like a Cherry Coke! I take a small break and then I’m back to socials.  This is also when I will shoot any photos of the day that I may need. I always bring a drink and these new Diet Coke cans make it so easy! 


I am definitely exhausted by this point of the day so I will try to get off my computer and phone.  It’s always good to step away even though I know it can be difficult.  Your mind will thank you though! I also take this time to hang out with my boyfriend and we just relax! I will make dinner, watch some TV, and then around 7PM I will get back on Instagram. During dinner I kept it classic with my Diet Coke. I love the new design of these sleek cans and they still have the same great taste! What more could you ask for? It was the perfect pairing to my dinner and to end my day. My time on Instagram can vary but most of the time by 10PM I will be done working and I will put everything away and get ready for bed. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I want to hear how your day goes if you are a blogger or if you are thinking of becoming a blogger?!

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  • Reply Nicole Elliott ~ Client

    I always love Day in the Life posts and yours was super fun to read! 🙂 It’s amazing how much work goes into being a blogger! Delicious caffeine is an absolute must!

    March 12, 2018 at 1:40 pm
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