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Must Have Spring Break Clothing

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Morning! We are officially a week away from spring break and I know so many people are so excited! Technically I don’t have a “spring break” anymore but since my birthday always falls in that week I tend to celebrate! Today I thought I would share some must have spring break clothing!

I told you guys I was going to be traveling soon and that I would be telling you guys soon.  Well I will be going to Cabo San Lucas! We booked a trip for mid-April because we didn’t want to be with all the “spring breakers.” I’m so excited and I’ve been shopping for tropical wear like a crazy person! Some of this stuff I’ve ordered and can’t wait till it comes in.  Let’s jump right into the picks!


  1. Dresses-Ain’t nobody got time for pants on vacation… at least for most days! If you aren’t in a swimsuit or bikini the next best thing is a dress!
  2. Romper-Being on the beach is obviously windy and as much as I like a good breeze, I’m not about my dress flying up. Not only are rompers cute and comfortable but it’s the next best thing to a dress!
  3. Swimsuits-This should be a given but if you forgot here is your reminder! There are so many cute ones and I’m all about high waisted bikinis or one pieces! I’ve shared a few here!
  4. Swimsuit cover ups-Nothing is worse then getting out of the pool or beach and putting on jean shorts. Luckily there are a ton of cute and appropriate swimsuit cover ups that will get you to the pool to the nearest bar!
  5. Sandals & Wedges-If I’m being honest I take the most basic flip flops because when I’m out and about I love wearing heels or wedges! I’ve shared two cute ones here!
  6. Sunglasses-I’m a sunglass girl so of course I’m the one who would take at least 3-5 pairs. Huge tip if you are planning on getting wild don’t take anything to expensive.  You will lose them and be sad.  I’ve shared some fun ones under $30!
  7. Shorts-If you aren’t about dresses or rompers well obviously, shorts are for you! I love white denim shorts which I didn’t share on here but you should definitely have them!
  8. Cute bright tops-I’m all about sticking out like a popsicle when I’m on vacation! When else can you wear these fun bright colors!? I’ve listed some amazing ones here!
  9. Straw bags-I have some nice leather bags but when it comes to the beach I’m all about cute straw bags! First off so much easier to pack and second they just fit the theme!

I hope you guys enjoyed all my picks and I’d love to hear what’s your favorite thing to wear while on a beach vacation!?

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