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Houston Restaurant Weeks: Sullivan’s Steakhouse

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It’s hump day!!


I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday so far and we are halfway done with the week! (3 DAY WEEKEND YAY!) So I thought I would write about such a fun time in Houston called Houston Restaurant Weeks (HRW).

If you don’t live in Houston, HRW is a month-long event of different restaurants that have a set two, three, or four course menu for $20-45 a person.  The event is every year in August and it benefits the Houston Food Bank.  It’s a really great event and an amazing time to try new foods!

So this weekend we (boyfriend and I) decided to try Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  We had never been and from looking at the regular menu the HRW dinner menu was definitely an amazing deal and we knew it would be a good time try. (HINT: Look on Yelp before choosing a restaurant and it will show how expensive the restaurant usually is. Example: $$$)

For the first course (or appetizer) I chose the caesar salad, while my boyfriend got the shrimp & lobster bisque.

Ratings: *****

I loved my salad!  I mean it was nothing special or different from a caesar salad but it’s my favorite so BIASED. My boyfriend loved the bisque.  He said it had enough shrimp to lobster ratio and it was perfect.

For the second course (main course) I chose the Filet Mignon and my boyfriend got the New York Strip. I am not by any means a “steak” connoisseur so I usually get the steak medium well or well done (BURNT and I like it!).  My boyfriend begged me to get the medium well because it’s a real steakhouse obvs not like Texas Roadhouse so I did.  On top the steak I got Gorgonzola Garlic butter.

Ratings: *****

WOW! It was AMAZING! The dish came with green beans and mashed potatoes.  It was more than I could ask for.  My boyfriend got the same butter and same sides and he was in steak heaven!  We were both floored and definitely were happy with our choices.

The last course (dessert) I was feeling pretty full but I ordered the New York Cheesecake and my boyfriend got the banana bread pudding.

Ratings: ***

My dessert was good (I mean it’s cheesecake people) nothing to exciting but still good.  My boyfriend loved his dessert.  I took a small bite but I’m not a big bread pudding person (something about the consistency).


The food was amazing!  We also ordered wine (duh!) to pair with our food and it all went together nicely.  I would highly recommend this place if you really like steak and if you are wanting to try a nice steakhouse.  It was $35 a person and so worth it!
What restaurants have you tried during HRW? If you haven’t tried any try to go this week.  It ends September 5th!  Link is below if you would like to try!



Silvia M.


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