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Back to School: Skincare Edition

FAB Cleanser, Clinique Pep Start Cleanser, Clinique Pep Start Moisturizer, Origins GinZing Eye Cream, Tea Tree Toner

Hi Dolls!

So with school back in the swing of things for a lot of people (and if you aren’t one then you are almost there!) I figured it was time to talk about something that happened to me every school year.


I’m not sure if the idea of going back to school stresses me out or the first day of school stresses me out but regardless I can always count on one thing… I’ll go home to find a little friend on my face.  (Okay more like a foe) Luckily I have found some products that work amazing for my skin and I recommend them to everyone because they are very versatile products!

When I was finished with my first day of school I just remember thinking omg how am I going to have time for all this!?  I would start writing everything from my syllabus to my planner and hope that I got no surprises along the way.  At the end of the day I had specific skin care routine and products that help me relax and get ready for the next day.

I love Clinique products and recently they came out with the Clinique Pep Start line.  They have a 2 in 1 exfoliating cleanser that you could use for both day and night! It’s good for all skin types (I have sensitive) and it leaves skin nice and smooth.  To finish that off I use the Clinique Hydroblur Moisturizer.  It’s perfect if you are suffering from dry skin and it’s awesome to put on right before makeup because it blurs out any imperfections.

Another cleanser that I have to mention because it is my holy grail is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser.  If you wear a lot of makeup and don’t want to use a makeup remover or makeup remover wipe (I’ve been there) then this stuff is perfect for you!  You can wash all the makeup off and I promise you it will take off everything! Even waterproof mascara!  Again I have sensitive skin so this was something that was gentle and not over drying for my skin.

The last two things that I use and recommend is a toner and under eye cream.  The toner is the Tea Tree Toner from Lush and this is another holy grail product.  I came across this about two years ago because I was getting a lot of breakouts and the toner that I was using at the time was to pungent and harsh for my skin.  This one is perfect and doesn’t have any sort of smell and it’s in a spray bottle so you don’t have to use cotton rounds!  The under eye cream I use is the Origins Ginzing Refreshing Eye cream.  I usually only use this in the morning because it brightens my under eye! (And in college we all need some help in that area) The smell is strong (smells like oranges) to some so if you are sensitive I recommend getting a sample of this before taking home a full size.

I hope everyone has an amazing new school year and I wish everyone luck on their endeavors!



Silvia M.

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