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Good Morning dolls!

It’s not exactly the weekend yet but it also isn’t Monday so I’m feeling good! I hope everyone else is off to an amazing morning. Today I’m going to do a recap of my weekend that I spent in Austin, TX. This isn’t my first time going to Austin but this is my first time going back since I started writing my blog! I figured I would share some of my fun and favorite moments!

On Saturday I went to San Marcos with Ryan (my boyfriend) to watch the UH Cougars play the Texas State Bobcats. It was a really fun game and was our first time going to an away game! This was our first time being roadies for a game. That night we stayed in San Marcos and went out in the area with Ryan’s sister, her boyfriend, and their friends. We got to experience some San Marcos nightlife and we had an amazing time! It was definitely different for the both of us and the drinks were so cheap! (I miss college!) I got to try Gumby’s Pizza while I was there and OMG the pizza was so good! I got just a small cheese but everyone else split a massive pizza (I don’t remember the name).  Also my MUST TRY from the trip was the cinnamon sticks we got from Gumby’s. Guys I promise you this stuff is TO DIE. It was so good and the frosting was just perfect on top. ORDER IT!

Sunday morning everyone woke up kind of late (best day to sleep in) and we just hung around talked and ate leftover pizza. It was really nice and chill. I knew there was one thing I needed that day and that was PICTURES! Everyone knows Austin has 1000+ places to take really cool pictures and there are murals EVERYWHERE! We started with coffee (because DUH!) at Manana and made our way to some of the murals on South Congress. (Btw the coffee shop was super cute!) Of course the ever so famous ‘I love you so much’ mural was a stop. I got a couple of pictures in before the rain started that I will post below.

Before we left we decided to get dinner at Zocalo Café. It was a super cute Tex-Mex type restaurant. They have different options but I opted for shrimp tacos while Ryan got the chicken & fajita tacos. We also ordered guacamole (again duh!) and a frozen sangria. Also we got to try their horchata which was SUPER yummy! We were going to try to the churros for dessert but we found (Yelp) a really good-looking Mexican dessert place that I knew we had to try!

That place is Hay Elotes and if you Yelp it or Google it you will see exactly what I’m talking about! They have a bunch of different treats and if you’ve ever tried something like this you know you’re in for a treat and if you haven’t then I highly suggest trying it! We ended up choosing the ‘Coconada’ and it was absolutely delicious! They will tell you exactly what each dessert is and what comes with it if you ask so thumbs up for customer service! After we stuffed our faces (I mean literally) we knew it was time to head back to Houston.

I had a lot of fun visiting new places of Austin and getting a chance to hang out in San Marcos. Thank you to Lisa & Ryan (boyfriend’s sister and her boyfriend lol) for showing us around and being amazing host! I can’t wait to come back and visit!

If you live in the Austin area and have some recommendations, please share them with me below!



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