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Good Morning!

Here comes the words that no one wants to hear… It’s Monday! (I mean does that even really deserve an exclamation point?)  Sorry I went rogue last week.  I got sick and we all know when you’re sick you just don’t feel like doing anything.  Also if you are as dramatic as I am then you feel like death the entire time you are sick.  Any who I am finally feeling better and I’m super excited because I went outside today and it was in the low 60s! (In Texas that’s a big deal)  So I decided to bring out the ol riding boots and let me tell you BEST DECISION TODAY!

3Besides that I get to enjoy my fall clothes (God knows I’ve been waiting) I came a realization this past week when I was sick.  First off I love makeup but sometimes it’s so annoying (usually every morning) to do.  Now I’m a firm believer in bare face (aka no makeup) and I thoroughly enjoy the times that I just wake up, wash my face, and run out the door.  Usually for work though, I like people to think that I actually try (even though they would probably tell you differently).  I try to put my best foot forward and just give it what I can and call it a day.

4But when I’m sick you will see me with a bun, probably a robe, slippers, carrying my dog everywhere like she was my purse (trust me it’s a crucial bonding time for us).  I will not be wearing makeup and I will not be going out unless it’s to get more orange juice and cough syrup.  Well I’ve come to appreciate the times that I do wear makeup and that is because of one thing: eyebrows.  Now my eyebrows were pretty full as a child (ask my family) and after all the waxing and tweezing you would have no idea I had bushy brows as a kid.  But God has put a miracle on this earth of amazing eyebrow products and what’s life if you’re eyebrows aren’t on ‘fleek.’

2Up until recently eyebrows were well just eyebrows.  Everyone wanted them super slim or didn’t want them at all and would pluck down to the last 10 hairs. (If you did this don’t worry I’m not judging.  You should see some of my high school and early college pictures) But as time has passed, thick eyebrows are now a ‘thing.’  If you fell into the past phase of thin and sparse eyebrows well don’t you worry I can help.  I will tell you about 5 brow products that changed my life. (And will probably change yours if you haven’t tried them.)  Now that I’ve seen the light I know eyebrows products would be the thing I would definitely grab for before leaving out the door.  (I used to say mascara… yes eyebrows are now that serious.)  Even when you are sick you can just use an easy brow mascara and you are out the door! I’m telling you its that simple.

What keeps your eyebrow game on ‘fleek’? I would love to know what works for you! Also all outfit details are listed below!



Silvia M.

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