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How To: Burlap Wreath

Good Morning loves!
We are one day away from Friday and it feels so good! (For some it is Friday!) I have been MIA this week (sorry!) but now I’m here and I have an awesome post for you today! So as many of you know I’m extremely excited for the fall season. It’s definitely my favorite season because of the colors, food, and decorations! Here in Texas we don’t really get the weather so I can’t really say that. (Sadly)

So as I’ve been looking around at décor I knew I really wanted a wreath for my door. I saw a couple at Michael’s but thought ‘Hey! Maybe I’ll make one!’ I just want to put out this disclaimer that I am NOT a crafty person. Every now and then I can come up with something but most times I like to just buy things and save the headache.

Well I am very proud of myself because I made this wonderful wreath and it was actually really easy! I’ve included pictures because if you are like me pictures are key! This took me a total of 30 minutes and cost less than $20. (Will cost less if you already have a glue gun and glue sticks.)

Items you will need:
Wire Wreath (12 inch)
Burlap (20 ft., 6 in.)
Decorative accents i.e. leaves, flowers, etc.
Glue gun & glue


Step 1
Make a knot on the wreath. I did it on the second row closest to the outside.



Step 2
Take the burlap and push it up through the following row. Since I started on the second row closest to the outside I pushed it through the third row closest to the inside. You will keep doing this step row by row filling it in each section. Just make sure every time you are going up through a different row so that way it won’t come undone.


Step 3
Once the burlap is completely on the wreath it’s time to decorate it! Take your glue gun and your decorative accent and put it wherever you would like.



Voila! Your wreath is complete! I love the look of burlap especially for fall and this project was really really easy! (I promise!) If you try this at let me know how it went and send me pictures. I’ve linked everything I bought down below if you are like me and want to follow exactly how and have everything that was used in a tutorial. 🙂

I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday! Happy Crafting!



Silvia M.

Links for items used:

Wire Wreath
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks


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