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Houston Restaurants Week: White Oak Kitchen & Drinks

Hi friends!

So I hope everyone is having a great Thursday or had a great Thursday (if you are out of work congrats!).  I have another restaurant review from HRW and I figured since we are getting close to deciding what to eat for dinner this would be a good time to mention this restaurant.

Last night I decided I didn’t want to cook dinner (if you follow me on Snapchat you know this if you don’t follow me: silviaaa13).  So I definitely wanted to try a new place and decided upon White Oak Kitchen & Drinks.  It’s in the Galleria by Neiman Marcus (park in the blue garage).

The menu gives you plenty of choices to choose from and it was only $25 for a three course meal! Such a good deal!  Also if you want to enjoy some happy hour pricing it ends at 8 PM!

For the first course (Appetizer), I chose the Korean Calamari.  Calamari is usually my weakness so I had to order and try it! The Kimchi Aioli sauce was AMAZING! My boyfriend got the chicken pot stickers and his only complaint were that they were really small and only gave four.  (He really wanted calamari)

RATING: *****

For the second course (Main Course), I chose the Shrimp Pad Thai.  I had craved pad thai weirdly enough so I knew this was definitely the perfect dish.  I loved it! It was very flavorful and they gave you more than enough shrimp.  I hate when places skimp on the protein in the noodle dishes. My boyfriend got the Black Angus Ribeye and he enjoyed it! As a side they give you Three Cheese Prosciutto Mac & Cheese but it was just okay.

RATING: ****

Only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I go to another place for thai food and I feel like it taste just as good but for a lower price.

For the last course (dessert), I got an Organic Cinnamon Roll.  I didn’t know what made it so special besides that fact that if you are vegan or vegetarian you could eat it! (I’m neither of those) My boyfriend got the S’mores Bread Pudding he thought it was good. (I think we might have had better though)



The food was good and for the price we paid it was not bad! It wasn’t the best restaurant of HRW but there are definitely some good dishes in there.  Especially if you are with picky eaters (or are one) or with people are can only eat certain things.

Let’s get excited it’s almost Friday!  For some of you it’s already Friday! What are your weekend plans?

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