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Fall trend: Denim

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Good Afternoon Lovelies!

It’s Monday and the blues are hitting me hard.  Woke up not feeling so great today and I think I might be coming down with something so definitely hitting up the drug store for meds.  With the weather being crazy here my immune system sometimes has trouble keeping up.

Well this morning I realized that it is the middle of September! Time is flying and even though the weather is going crazy I am definitely ready to feel that nice fall weather.  With NYFW ending I saw some really cute stuff that would be perfect for next spring but I can’t help but think of current fall trends.  A lot of bloggers were hitting the streets in a go to piece for the fall and I thought that it was time my blog followers saw the trend.

That trend is DENIM! Yes guys somehow the 90’s are coming back! Everything from denim skirts to jackets are coming back and omg I absolutely love it! All I can think about is the year Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore all denim to the VMA’s! (So long ago!) Well I’ve taken my own spin at it with this denim dress and paired it with some fall friendly pieces to come up with this entire look!  I didn’t think that I would totally love the denim revival we are having but I got sucked in and I’m so glad I did! (Though I wouldn’t wear it to an awards ceremony sorry JT and Brit)

img_2996 img_2998 img_3010 img_3007 img_3006 img_3004 img_3001

Shop this entire look with the links I have provided below!

I hope you finish off your Monday strong like your coffee!




Silvia M.


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