Easy Halloween Leopard Costume and Tutorial (with Pictures)

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Happy Monday and Happy Boss Day to all my boss ladies out there! I hope you are having an awesome day and an even better Monday.  Came in early to surprise my boss and I hope he enjoyed it.  We filled his office with balloons so… lol.

We are two weeks away from Halloween and I am very excited! I am headed to New Orleans this year for Halloween so you I can only imagine what that will be like.  If you are like me and tend to procrastinate (I know it sucks) then you will be scavenging for a last-minute costume.  Well luckily for you I have mastered a good amount of go to’s for last-minute Halloween costumes.  This one is particularly my favorite because it’s super easy and you probably already own everything to put this entire look together!

So as you can see from the title (or Instagram picture, whichever brought you here) this DIY is for a leopard costume!  The costume itself isn’t DIY.  I guess I should call it a makeup tutorial. 🙂 I will include pictures and all information down below.

Step 1


Step 2

  • I felt the easiest way to start was with drawing on the nose. I used a black eye liner pencil and made drew on a circle type heart.  Leopards have these distinctive black lines going down their nose so I decided to also draw that on.  Their top lips are black so using that same black eyeliner I just outlined my lips and filled in the entire top lip with the eyeliner.


Step 3

  • This step was probably my favorite! I love playing with eyeshadow and this step brings in the eyeshadow. SIDE NOTE: I am not a makeup guru or artist. I just like to play with makeup especially for Halloween! I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveler palette.  Sadly, the palette is limited edition so it’s no longer available but I will list all the eyeshadows I used because you can buy them separately.  If you have colors similar to these, you can also use them.  I took the ‘Fudge’ shade and put it in my crease.  I blended until it looked smooth and had no harsh lines. Then I took the shade ‘Noir’ and put that slightly on the lid but closer to the crease line.  Kind of like a cut crease but without the definition.  I blended that until I got the two colors to mesh.  Your eyes will look dark and trust me that’s okay! Then I took the shade ‘Soft Peach’ and put that in the inner corner and just on the edge of the eyelid.  I also used that same shade for a brow bone highlight.  Then taking my liquid eyeliner, I just made an easy wing.  I also took the liquid liner to make a cat eye.  I found this the easiest when making a cat eye.  On the bottom lid I used the eyeliner pencil from before.


Step 4

  • Taking our black eyeliner pencil, you will start making ‘C’ type drawings on your face for the spots. I promise you that you can’t mess this up! They’re supposed to all look different and unique.  Just do some forward C’s and some backward.  You can close the ‘C’ shapes with another C or you can make a line.  (I know this seems really confusing but if you look up a leopard this will make more sense.)  Once you finish that you can fill them in with a brown eyeliner.  I used a yellow color stick that I got from a Halloween packet but if you don’t have one the brown will do fine.  I just wanted mine to pop!


Step 5

  • Just finish off the look with some mascara and I decided to add some false lashes. This step is completely optional! Also to add some more pop to my spots I decided to add gold glitter eyeshadow.  I put a little bit on the spots and some on my lid.  On my bottom lip I decided to go with a nude gloss.


You’re finished with the tutorial! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!

Also as I said this is a complete look so I decided to wear a black dress, some gold accent jewelry, and some black booties.  I also wore this super cute leopard printed wrap bracelet you can get at Boho Betty.  You can use code: LOVELYSILVIA to get 20% off your purchase! You can also wear a black top with a skirt, shorts, or jeans.  Or if you have a black tutu with a black top I think that would look really cute! I bought the ears here but you can probably buy them at any costume store.


That completes the entire costume! You can wear this to go trick or treating with a little one, to go on a pub run, or for a last-minute Halloween party! Make sure to comment with a picture if you try it! I hope this helped many of you!



Silvia M.

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