Easy Fox tutorial & Costume for Halloween featuring Bubbles

Good Morning!


What does the fox say!? Sorry you had to have known that was going to come in here 😉 I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I had one busy but exciting one in Dallas! I will be doing a full post on my trip once I’m able to upload all the pictures.  Anyways on to my next order of business which is this awesome Halloween tutorial! This is the last tutorial I have for this year so hopefully all these Halloween posts have helped!

So similar to the leopard tutorial and costume this will have all the products and steps included.  I hope you guys enjoy this super fun and cute fox tutorial! Side note: I just bought a new camera and we are still trying to figure it out. So I’m sorry if some of the pictures are fuzzy I will get it fixed! Also sun went down by the time I finished this tutorial so lighting might be a little off.

Step 1

  • I started out with just foundation on. You can use whichever one you want.


Step 2

  • I took the orangey dark shade out of the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette (bottom row on the the right) and just layered it on my cheekbones, around my forehead, along my jawline, and also on my nose.


Step 3

  • I took a white face paint and put that on my cheeks, forehead, right under my cheekbones but above the contour shade along my jawline. Then to set that all in place I used a white eyeshadow.  You can use a translucent powder if you don’t have a white eyeshadow.  Also my shadow had some sort of shine to it so it kind of came out looking like highlighter which I kind of liked 🙂 I know it looks cray cray at this point but don’t worry! It will all come together towards the end.


Step 4

  • This step looks super intense and hard but I PROMISE its super easy and all you have to do is blend. I used the Anastasia World Traveler palette again. The eyeshadows I used are Morocco, Fudge, Noir. First I took Morocco and put that all over my crease.  Then I took the shade Fudge and put that on the corner of my lid making a sort of ‘cat eye’ shape.  After that I took my liquid eyeliner and made a cat eye.  Then taking the shade Noir, I started at the mid lower lash line and just kept sweeping it up following the cat eye I had just created.  I kept shading upwards and just blending it out until it wasn’t a harsh line.  Finally taking the Morocco shade again, I put it towards the inner part of my lower lash line and shaded towards the inner part of my eye.  JUST KEEP BLENDING! It’s a Halloween tutorial I promise you can’t mess this up! 🙂
  • The second part of this step was the eyebrows. As you can see they kind of like bushy like a fox would.  I just took my black liquid liner and made flicks going upward from the bottom of my eyebrows. Then I put a little bit of kohl black eyeliner towards the beginning of my eyebrows to make them a bit darker.  I did this about half way in.  Then on the rest I took the ‘Morocco’ shade again and just shaded a little bit above the eyebrow and arch.  Then I took a white color crayon (Halloween kit) and just shaded in the rest of the brow.  Then again with that crayon I made white flicks going up as I did with the black eyeliner.  This I think really made the look come together.


Step 5

  • This last part is the whiskers and the nose! Taking my black eyeliner pencil, I drew on small circles right under my nose. Then I drew on small hairs from each circle to make them look like whiskers. After I was done with that I just colored in the bottom part of my nose and nostrils to make a nose.  I used a nude pink lipstick and added false lashes to complete the look!


The eyeshadow part is definitely the most demanding out of this entire tutorial but I can assure you it’s really easy! Once it all starts to blend togther you will be able to see the picture clearly!

I will try to link things similar to the outfit I wore but I’ve had all these pieces for some time now.  For the outfit I don’t have much orange and white clothes (if you are a UT Longhorn this should be a piece of cake for you) but I did have a burnt orange skirt and a white top! I paired that off with some white earrings and some OTK boots.  The fox ears I got from here.


I hope you guys really enjoyed this tutorial! It was a lot of fun and I think it came out really nice! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or comment and tell me if this is something you are thinking of trying at home! Again this is such an easy costume that you could use it for trick or treating with kids, last minute Halloween costume, or even a pub run!

I hope you have a great Tuesday!


Silvia M.

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