Meet lovelysilvia

Hey there I’m Silvia! 
I’m a 25 year old just living life and enjoying every minute of it.  I graduated from the University of Houston a little over a year ago. (Go Coogs!) I’m currently living in Houston with my boyfriend and amazingly cute dog Bubbles.

I decided to start writing again for many reasons one being that my degree was in Communications with a focus on Public Relations.  I’m still currently trying to find my niche but I do have a lot of things in common with most people and I’m here to share my point of view. (Btw feel free to let me know yours!)

This blog will be a way for me to express what I’m feeling, loving, and living! Most of all this will be about my lifestyle which includes, fashion, travel, food, fitness, and much more! I’m really happy to start this journey in my life and hope that you are excited to be a part of the ride!

I hope that I am able to inspire many of you and  help some of you that are scared to take the first leap (Trust me I was too!) Trust in yourself and believe that you can and I promise once you’re on the ride you won’t ever want to get off. 🙂  I hope something here makes you laugh or smile because in the end that’s all that I really want!  Relax, grab some wine, and lets enjoy everything that this world has to offer!



Silvia M.