5 Tips on How to Grow as a Person

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    Good Morning! I hope you guys all had a great weekend! Here in Houston the weather was beautiful and I could accomplish many things.  Today’s post is all about how to grow as a person and some tips to make it easier.  I’m not an expert at this AT ALL but I do have some tips on how I make it easier in my life.  Growing up is never really easy or fun but it’s a necessary part of life.

    This topic is so different to my blog and I’m hoping it will be something I can continue talking about.  I’m not going to lie I’m quite nervous posting this because it’s very personal to my life and me.  So please just take some of these things with a grain of salt because I know everyone is different.  Let’s jump right into how to grow as a person.

    #1 Question everything.

    I know most people just like to accept whatever is thrown at them but I say don’t just accept it, think about it.  Trust me I’m not an overthinker by any means but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to sit back and reflect on what’s happening.  If you do that and trust whatever decisions you are currently in then great! If not it might be time to start making some changes.white denim, light blue button up, henri bendel, denim heels spring outfit, spring inspiration, spring colors, what to wear during the spring season, outfit inspo, blue top, white jeans,

    #2 Don’t get too comfortable.

    Guys we live in a day in era where everything is constantly changing and more means of life are available than before! Don’t sit back and waste your time doing something you don’t love.  Yes I’m totally referring to jobs here! I recently quit a steady job not because I’m crazy, but because I was getting comfortable and could see myself never leaving.  I love finding places that I love to work at but the work itself wasn’t what I wanted in my life.  I’m sure many of you could relate to this since most of you are full time bloggers.  For those that aren’t make moves and find what you love.  You won’t regret it.white jeans, blue shoes, pink purse, kendra scott earrings, blue top, pink purse

    #3 Explore the world.

    This one is probably my favorite one because who doesn’t want to travel!? But I don’t just mean I travel I mean with every accept of life, explore it! Never tried that Japanese dish? Give it a try! Want to try that new makeup look everyone is obsessed with? Slap that new obsession on your face.  Remember it’s all about exploring and finding what you love in the is world and how you can make it your top, blue shoes, white jeans, spring outfit white jeans, blue pajama top, pink purse

    #4 Don’t be afraid to fall in love.

    Not going to really get to sappy about this here but just want to say do it.  Go out and find that special someone and don’t be scared.  I know meeting new people is SO scary but I’ve met so many people and trust me many of them don’t bite.  (I was a bitter as a child but I SWEAR I’ve grown out of this phase 🙂 ).  Love is one of the greatest things that this world can offer.  It is also one of the hardest things.  Just trust your heart and go with your head.  That’s all you can pajama top, white jeans, blue shoes, pink purse, henri bendel, target, steve madden blue pajama top, pink purse, spring 2017 trends

    #5 Make memories and plan less.

    Okay this one is SO weird for me to type about because I’m a planner.  Trust me every day I try to take my life minute by minute, hour by hour, and if it doesn’t go as planned well… AHH!  I want to be a TOTAL control freak of my life sometimes but learning you can’t has been quite hard for me.  I mean we grew up with our parents waking us up at a certain time every morning.  Leaving the house at a certain time every morning to go to school.  Had a school schedule and got off at the same time every day.  Why can’t life continue to have this?

    Well I don’t know why it can’t but I’ve learned to look past it (sometimes) and make the most of my situation.  Okay so my phone might die in the middle of the day.   Well that could be a good thing (Trust me) because now I’m able to breath the air and look at the world face on.  So I’m not glued to this phone of mine. Well now I can drink some coffee and read.  So many things can happen that we aren’t planning but making the memories and cherishing them is the best part.

    I hope you guys could relate to some of these tips! Growing pains are seriously the worse but are totally normal.  Don’t worry if you aren’t where you want to be right now.  You will find a way to get there on your own time and pace.

    I would love hear any tips you have on growing up!



    Silvia M.



    Home & Food

    Blue & Green Home Decor

    blue and green, home decor, home inspiration, green home decor, blue home decor, white home decor, target home decor, pier1 home decor, west elm home decor

    1. Blue & White Jar  2. Cream Embellished Throw Pillow  3. Blue & White Bowl  4. Floral Arrangement  5. Herringbone Lamp  6. Cobalt Throw Pillow  7. White Photo Frame  8.  Leaf Plant  9. White Floral Mirror  10. Banana Leaf Throw Pillow  11. Cactus Snow Globe  12. Cactus Welcome Mat  13. Palm Leaves Wall Print

    It’s Friyay!! It’s been a long week coming and I can’t believe it’s over.  There is a lot of things going on and I will be sharing with you guys soon.  For today let’s share something fun like home décor! I’ll be talking about some home décor pieces that I’m absolutely loving! Most of my apartment is decorated in white and blue but I’m falling for green guys!

    There are some amazing home sales going on and I couldn’t help but browse and of course share with you guys! I’m talking stores like Pier 1, Target, and West Elm.  I will be moving into a new apartment this year and I’m so excited! Something about a couple new walls and different layout just makes me want to redecorate.

    I’m a huge neutrals/whites person so that has to stay but as far as accent color I’m having a trouble deciding! So I’m sharing everything that is giving me major inspiration and hope you guys can help me choose!

    The blue & the white color scheme remind me of home because my mom has many of these printed items around the house.  I love the royal blue against white any day! It’s just so romantic and clean (That’s right clean).   I’m dying for it!  I also already have a ton of blue & white so I would just need to change a couple of things.

    The green & white color scheme is a total changer for me!  If you asked me which color I liked better it would definitely be blue but I’m dying of this green!  I just can’t with all the green everywhere! I mean did you see that palm printed pillow I linked?! It’s so stinking cute!  Also this green is totally reminding me of summer but, I want something that will be good for all year long.  As I mentioned above all of these pieces have some sort of sale going on.  I’ve linked everything for you above! PS: Please help me choose a color scheme!!

    I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to share all my news with you!



    Silvia M.

    Fashion & Beauty

    5 Coachella Trends You Need To Try

    coachella outfit inspiration, dresses for coachella, forever 21 dress, coachella inspiration, coachella festival, coachella ideas, fashion at coachella, fashion trends coachella, coachella 2017 coachella, coachella outfit, coachella ootd, coachella outfits, coachella dress, dresses for coachella coachella, double buckle belt, backpack, what girls wear to coachella, coachella trends, coachella fashion tips, coachella festival, festival outfits makeup for coachella, make up ideas for coachella, make up trends at coachella, coachella outfit ideas, what to wear to coachella, coachella festival, coachella outfit inspiration coachella, coachella fashion. cochlea inspiration, coachella fashion trends what to wear to coachella, coachella outfits, coachella ootd, coachellaHello Wednesday! I feel like this week is flying by! Maybe it’s just me because I’m scared/excited for some changes happening in my life and the anticipation is killing me! Does anyone else get like this? Today I thought I would take some chill vibes and talk all about Coachella! I had serious FOMO last weekend and I’m sure this weekend will be no different.  Today I’m sharing 5 Coachella trends that you need to try!

    Also quick side note, no I’ve never been to Coachella but it’s seriously on my bucket list! If any of you are going or have been I want to hear all the stories and your experience.  Every year it looks so fun and I’m dying to go! This outfit is something I thought would be so “chella” appropriate.  This dress I got last year at Forever 21 for $10! Yeah you read that right ten bucks!  Caged sandals are an absolute must and I got these last year at Charlotte Russe for about $15.  The hat I got from Zara from a Black Friday sale a couple years ago and the sunnies are some of my favorite! They are the Ray Ban round ones and I’m seriously thinking of picking them up in another color.  I’ll link similar items at the end of this post.  Onto the trends!


    The festival takes place in a desert so you will definitely need some sunglasses to keep out any dirt and of course that sun! It’s going to be hot and I have this thing that if I have sunglasses on it feels a bit cooler than if I don’t.  (I’m crazy sorry!)  If you still aren’t sold on bringing them with you let me tell you it’s a HUGE fashion trend.  Round ones, square ones, cat eye, you name it! Not only that the more colorful the better! Play around and have some fun!


    There is nothing I love more than hats! I have a ton of hats all colors and sizes and can’t get enough of them.  Coachella is great because I can bring out my fall/winter hats and no one cares! Matter of fact everyone is wearing them! They help keep cool and they look super cute with pretty much any outfit! Trust me on this you will absolutely feel that “chella” vibe with one of these on.


    What better time to have fun with your hair than a festival! I have seen so many fun and creative hair styles and most of them have braids! You can’t go wrong with a classic braid but if you want to fancy you can do a fishtail or a french braid.  Now if you really want to go the extra mile add some flowers in your hair or add glitter! It totally makes it more festival appropriate and looks so pretty in pictures!


    From hair to makeup you should be having fun! Don’t let the fun stop at the hair continue on your face! (That sounds weird but you know what I mean).  Wear that bright pink that you never thought you would show in public or play with that electric blue! The best part about makeup is that it comes off so if you really don’t like it just wipe it off! Nothing gets me more excited than anything with shimmer or glitter.  For that reason, I added some gold glitter in my inner corner of my eye for my Coachella look.  It definitely added a pop and is perfect for the occasion.  Also I did some white dots following my eyebrows.  You can try that or use a different color specifically metallic ones! (Seriously so cute and fun!)


    Nothing gets me more excited than prints! There are so many ways you can play with prints and I love that this festival is filled with all kinds of prints.  Seriously if you find something and just aren’t sure about it it’s probably perfect.  I have seen animal prints, tribal prints, floral prints, etc.  Not only is it different and fun but I feel like some of the best “chella” outfits are ones with prints.  Just try it and trust me!

    Hope you guys can use these tips for your upcoming trip! I want to see everyone’s photos and if you have a Snapchat and will be going share it with me! I literally couldn’t stop watching all the Coachella stories!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!



    Silvia M.

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