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    At Home Spa Day

    Yay for Friday! I’m so happy that Friday is finally here. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like this week lasted forever! Maybe it’s because it’s been kind of a weird week but it’s finally the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t have to many things to do this weekend but I always end up having a ton to do once the week starts. Anyone else have this problem?

    One thing I really want to do is relax. It’s been such an amazing and exciting beginning of 2017. I knew this year was going to change a lot of things for me I just didn’t realize it was going to be all so quickly! Even though I am super excited and grateful for many opportunities coming my way I’m physically and mentally exhausted. I do work an 8-5 Monday-Friday, I have an internship, and I work on this blog. Of course, somewhere in there I manage to have some personal time but I just need a break! Who’s with me!?!

    Today I’m talking all about relaxing and what I do to give myself a “me day”. If you follow me on Instagram, (which if you don’t follow me now at lovelysilvia) you saw my at home spa night/me night. It was so nice but I am not only wanting but needing another one ASAP!

    So, first things first GLASS OF WINE! Nothing says a “me day” like a glass of wine! I can’t drink right now but soon enough I will be adding this back into my me day. The next thing I usually like to do is light up some candles and make a bath. If you’ve never taken a bath you must! They are so relaxing and there are a ton of great products that will help you achieve your own relaxing bath! I love to use Philosophy’s bubble bath gel and a Lush bath bombs!

    Along with that I love to do a mask! There are so many great masks out and you can find one for just about anything! Some people love sheet masks (which are great) and some people love peeling masks (also amazing). One of my absolutely favorite masks is by Glam Glow! It is the SuperMud Mask and it’s perfect for clearing any breakouts or getting rid of gross black heads. If you have a big event coming up this mask is for you!

    One of the last things I like to do is paint my nails. I know some people don’t like painting their nails but I love it! It’s one of my favorite things to do and I have so many colors. Some of my favorite brands are OPI, Essie, and China Glaze! If you haven’t tried these brands you must. They are amazing! My favorite colors are nude, browns, or light pinks.

    Of course nothing beats a me day without a favorite show or a great book! I’m re-reading #GirlBoss because… aren’t we all? Still love the book the second time around!

    I hope this gave many of you ideas for your next me/spa day! Have a great relaxing weekend and I’ll catch up with you on Monday!



    Silvia M.



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    Classic Bomber Jacket with a Color Twist

    Good Morning everyone! Whew am I tired! It’s been non-stop since yesterday with everything going on at work and of course having to figure out things for the blog, and somewhere in there I try to fit my personal life.  Professional bloggers please send tips this girl is falling apart! Also BBG is kicking me in the butt! (Week 3 and going strong) I keep telling myself well at least it’s Wednesday… (still not Friday but it’s something).

    If you live in Houston or I guess in Texas for that matter you might have noticed that yesterday morning or weather was well usual for Houston.  Gross, muggy, and humid (please don’t ask why I live here I promise there are some perks 🙂 )  Temperature was definitely in the mid to high 70s and by about 2 o clock it was in the 60s and I was freezing! Bear with me friends who are experiencing snow or freezing showers.  I am a born and raised Texas girl and when it drops into the 60s I need a jacket and some boots ASAP! If you are really nice, throw in a nice coffee I promise you will always be on my good side. 🙂

    Don’t get me wrong I love the weather starts to drop because then it gives me a chance to wear my fall/winter gear that sometimes really only comes out for a total of 10 days.  So I promise you if this is one of the 10 I’m pulling out all the stops! What other perfect thing to wear than this classic army green (or forest green whichever) bomber jacket! If you haven’t jumped on the bomber train then uh.. what are you waiting for!?!? These jackets are so cute and you can dress them up or down! They have a ton of different options from colors, to material, even the patch work on some of them I mean they are just amazing!

    Since I like to stick to classics I of course got my bomber in the green and paired it with some jeans, a white turtleneck tank and some over the knee boots because again with our winters being only a couple of days I need to wear all my beautiful winter clothes! I love the way these pictures turned out because 1. It was a new spot that I had never seen I was just driving (aren’t those the best) and 2. It’s kind of reminding me that the spring season is coming! I absolutely adored the different colored butterflies and my favorite was the blue (okay maybe the pink idk).  So this “fall inspired look” has some spring kick in it!

    My bomber is sadly sold out but I will link similar & cute ones down below! Oh and they are all under $50!  I hope everyone has a great and smooth Wednesday and for all those celebrating my favorite day aka Wine Wednesday drink a glass for me! Still on Whole 30 (12 more days!) so I have to hold out for a little longer!





    Silvia M.

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    Cold Shoulder Sweater

    Hello Monday! If I seem a little too happy this morning about it being a Monday well I am because I have the day off from work! *throws hands in the air* I’ve been needing a day where I can take care of little things around the house, work on some blog goals I’ve set out for myself this month, and of course try to relax a little.  That last one might be the hardest one on my list!

    Today I’m talking all about this super cute and comfy cold shoulder sweater. (Also side note my hair is looking a little cray in these pictures! It was really windy but I was trying to go for fierce like Beyoncé and work it!)  If you live in Houston, you know that our winter is never really a winter (I mean it lasted like 3 days).  Usually we can pretend it’s cold enough to wear cute coats and super adorable sweaters but in the long run we are kidding ourselves because we will be stripping everything off by about 11 AM (no joke).  So, I thought this sweater was definitely a must if you live in Houston (or any like place where the weather isn’t truly a cold place).

    What I love about this sweater is that you can wear it year round! It’s perfect for the spring because it’s light enough that you won’t sweat but it’s good enough for the nights when it gets a little chiller.  Which goes the same for fall, winter, & summer.  For the summer, I would highly suggest wearing it with shorts though or even a cute skirt for date nights or nights out! 🙂

    Here I’ve paired it with these super cute black velvet lace ups, some semi ripped jeans, and who can leave out this super cute backpack oh and the statement earrings! I don’t know about you but backpacks are in style! Not really sure why but I don’t question what the gods above do for the fashion world haha! I bought this one right around Thanksgiving but I will link similar ones down below if you are looking for one in the market.  I love it because one you can store multiple things in it, two I mean it has gold detailing and fur (need I say more), and three it’s such a cute and fun twist to regular backpacks because of the size and way it looks! Also, perfect little bag to take with you to the movies or the zoo!

    I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and are having a fabulous Monday! I’ll try to link similar clothing options down below for you to shop!




    Silvia M.

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    5 tips to Refresh your Home after the Holidays

    Thank goodness it’s Friday or as some like to say TGIF! I’m super excited because I’m so looking forward to my 3-day weekend so that I can catch up on some sleep and catch up some work that I’ve been needing to do since idk probably November.  Don’t worry it’s not that I’ve been procrastinating it’s just that I’ve been so busy and then the holiday rush… well you guys get it.

    So one thing that I have been able to do is clear out my place of all things Christmas! I know many people were able to take down their tree the day after Christmas but something about that seems cruel to me I don’t know.  (Maybe it was all the Disney movies I’ve watched as a kid 🙂 )  I don’t know about you but once that tree comes down and the stockings are put up for next year it seems like your place is well… empty.  I hate that feeling and I hate looking around and thinking something is missing so luckily I’ve come up with 5 ways to not get that feeling.

    1. Use white colors
      Okay so I always kind of use white around my apartment because it makes it feel light and airy. (This also could be just me just saying.) I just feel it gives it a very open and welcoming feeling and the fact that I have a huge window in my living room helps bounce off that white!
    2. Pillows
      Nothing says hello new season that pillows! Here’s a fun fact about me I’m obsessed with buying throw pillows (my bf hates them) no matter how many I already have at home! The current colors I’m using in my décor I’m obsessed with because it’s a color one that one I love and two that both my bf and I agreed on.
    3. New wall art
      My wall art isn’t new so let’s not get it twisted (you know this if you have come over) but with the holidays colors gone it goes so much better with my décor again! Everything flows and just brings the whole living room space together!
    4. Curtains
      I promise I have curtains and also that I’ve been living in my current apartment since August and have yet to put them up (maybe a this weekend chore). Curtains can make a space have a whole new perspective.  You don’t realize this until you throw some up and are like “wow look how much bigger it looks and more put together.”
    5. Flowers & décor
      Artificial flowers are another one of those things I’m obsessed with buying! Don’t get me wrong I love the real deal (especially in the kitchen or on the dining room table) but having artificial flowers that are seasonal are great! Again, with the color white I love any white artificial flowers (I currently have peonies and white glitter feathers behind them). As far as décor anything that goes with your them I would say is a yes! I have course have some coffee table books and to go with my décor I have a vase that is filled with sand and shells and has a shell candle! (Beach theme right here obviously!)

    I hope this helped many of you that were or are still on my struggle bus of letting go of Christmas.  Don’t worry guys in another 11 months we can bust it all out! (For some of us 10 months 🙂 ) I’ve linked some of my favorite home decor pieces (some on sale!) at the bottom for all of those looking for a refresh!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!



    Silvia M.

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