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    10 Spring Must Haves

    Happy Friday! It’s finally here the day everyone waits for Monday morning! I’m so happy it’s the weekend.  It’s been a good week besides the getting sick and having a cold majority of the week.  I have a lot of things to plan for the upcoming month and this week will be the perfect week to do it.

    One thing that I have been planning (well not really) is what outfits to wear for different events I have coming up! I’ve been doing a lot of browsing and shopping and there are so many cute things out for the spring! I’m still looking for a couple of things so not 100% done but I also don’t want to spend too much since I do have a trip coming up and my birthday is in less than a month! (so excited!) These 10 things are what I think are huge must haves for any spring wardrobe and I will definitely be purchasing them for mine.

    1. OTS Tops-These are were so in style last spring & summer and are back again! They have so many different styles and are always so cute on anyone!
    2. Floral dress-Nothing says spring time like flowers on a dress! I’ve always been a huge fan of floral because of all the colors and how they blend together!
    3. Wedges-Wedges are perfect for any summer outfit! Whether you are wearing a dress, shorts, jeans, or anything else they just go absolutely perfect!
    4. Tassel Earrings-Another thing that was in last year and are perfect for going into this spring! They come in a ton of colors and you can even wear them going into summer.
    5. Lace Up Sandals-Also back by popular demand! I love lace up shoes I have a ton of them! These will definitely be making there way into my closet soon!
    6. Embroidered denim-Embroidery is already a love in my book and now its appearing on a ton of things especially denim! I’m obsessed and you definitely need it in your closet for spring!
    7. Colorful bracelets-These tassel babies are way too cute! You just need to trust me on this one and get them! You will also be using them into summer.
    8. Blush bag-I have like 3 blush bags and counting! They are so cute and perfect for the spring time!
    9. Cold Shoulder Sweater-This is perfect for the spring time! Sometimes it can be a little chilly and this sweater is perfect for those chillier nights.
    10. Mules-These are amazing shoes that go with everything! They are very cute and great slip on shoe when you are headed out the door! I promise you need this and won’t regret them!

    I hope you guys enjoyed this must have spring guide! I’m still in search of a couple of these items but will definitely be adding them in real soon! I hope everyone has a great weekend and can’t wait to talk to you on Monday!



    Silvia M.


    Weekend Recap: San Antonio

    Hello friends!  I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! I got to spend the night with my Valentine that you all read about in my last post.  We didn’t do anything crazy we just ordered in some thai food, got Sprinkles Cupcakes, and watched love movies like A Walk to Remember.  Needless to say I had a great Valentine’s Day! Only thing that kind of sucked is the weather got crazy cold here yesterday after a storm and I got sick.  (Literally my luck).

    Today I will be doing a quick weekend recap.  I was going to do one Monday but with Valentine’s Day on Tuesday you can see why I chose what I did.  So as many of you know I decided to take the weekend off as a break.  I had been over working myself and I guess you can say my brain and body were definitely feeling it.  Luckily I got to spend my time off with friends in San Antonio.

    I used to go to school in San Antonio when I was in college and later transferred so it holds a certain special place in my heart.  When we visit we usually stay with some friends and they live close to the city which is nice for us visiting.
    We got there Saturday and while all the guys went to play basketball, the girls got to sit around and chit chat and just catch up.  Later that night we went to dinner at a place called ‘El Machito’ that’s at the Quarry.  It was really good! They also had very reasonable options on the menu! After we went to nearby bar that sadly I don’t remember the name but they had such a delicious prickly pear tea! (I’ll try to get the name!)  After, we went to a bar downtown called Coyote Ugly.  Definitely an experience for those who have never been there that’s all I’ll say. (No but seriously)Sunday, we got up and decided on such a cute little spot for brunch.  The name of the restaurant is “Feast” and they have a ton of delicious options!  I highly recommend it if you visit San Antonio.  Just make sure to get there early or call ahead if you have a large party.  We had six people in our group and the wait was an hour.  Luckily while we waited we found a super cute spot called “The Friendly Spot.”  It had $4 mimosas and they weren’t your average size either.  Definitely a good place to go for Sunday Funday.  It’s also dog friendly for all my dog families and they have a fun swing set for kids! After brunch we went to the Riverwalk.  Of course if you have never been to San Antonio before I highly recommend going.  It’s one of the biggest attractions there besides the Alamo.  They have a ton of delicious restaurants and cool shops all along the Riverwalk.  Also they have water taxi tours for those who have never been and want to learn a little about the history of the city and it’s buildings.  It was a great day to walk around and see it because I hadn’t been to the Riverwalk in sometime.

    We ended the day there and said our goodbyes to our friends.  We had such a good time and it felt so nice to get away even if it was for a day.  Thank you to my friends for being so hospitable.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this weekend recap.  Let me know what you did this past weekend or how your Valentine’s Day went!



    Silvia M.


    Meet my Valentine

    Hello loves! I’m back and I promise I wasn’t hiding (well maybe I was).  I was overdue for some time off and my stress levels & anxiety were starting to get the best of me.  I decided this past weekend was going to be a wonderful time to destress and it was! I got to enjoy a lot of great time making new friends and reconnecting with old ones.  Hit up a ton of new spots (which I will share later!) and just enjoyed my weekend off socials & my blog.  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to relax & rejuvenate for the week ahead.

    I thought since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day what’s more appropriate than a love fest post!  By that I mean you will all get to know my Valentine, Ryan. 🙂  I interviewed him (or quizzed haha!) and got some inside on what he remembers and thinks about me! I also will be answering the same questions.  So, let’s get started on his answers!

    Name: Ryan

    How long have we been together?
    5 years

    What’s your first memory of me?
    Looking out the window and happened to notice you coming home (total creeper) and thinking you were hot. (Silvia is totally shaking her head BTW!)

    What’s Your Favorite Date/Experience we have been on and why?
    Disney; because I got to see you experience it for the first time.  I know Disney is something you love and I got to see your face light up when you went down Main Street and saw all the characters from the movies that you love.

    You know you Love me because…
    I feel comfortable telling you anything and everything.  I also like that you make an effort in enjoying activities that I like and are interested in my hobbies.  You’re my best friend and I love spending time with you.

    What do you think is my dream Valentine’s Date?
    Going out to a restaurant (probably Melting Pot) and have a romantic place setting.  You would love jewelry as the gift, (maybe Tiffany’s or Pandora) and watching a movie together after.


    Name: Silvia

    How long have we been together?
    5 years and 2 months

    What’s your first memory of me?
    We were getting home at the same time (btw we were neighbors everyone so no we weren’t living together haha!) and you came out of your blue car and thought hey my best friend drives that car! Also, I thought your muscles were looking bigger and when I told you, you blushed and didn’t really know what to say (I think you said thanks lol)

    What’s your favorite date/experience we have been on and why?
    Visiting New York for the first time.  I got to see so many things that were a part of your childhood and got to visit the house that you grew up in.  So many memories for you being back and it was just as exciting for me because I had only heard about them and I’m so glad I was able to experience it.

    You know you love me because…
    Because I can always count on you.  Also this sentence sounds just like Gossip Girl and if I start saying it you would finish off by saying “XOXO, Gossip Girl.”  Your goofy & fun personality is one of the first things I loved about you and continue to till this day.  You’re my best friend and the one I always go to.

    What do you think is my dream Valentine’s Date?
    Staying home! Probably getting a ton of take out and a ton of desserts and just binge watching a show or movies in front of the TV.  Then after all the food, we would smoke hookah and probably not be able to move from the couch because of the food haha! 🙂

    There you have it everyone that’s my Valentine! He’s much more than that but I’m so glad I get to spend it with him and have got the chance to spend it with him for now 6 years.  There is no perfect love or relationship and ours is definitely unique and I’m happy to have that.

    I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know a little more about me and my Valentine.  Let me know about your Valentine or your Valentine’s Day plans?

    I hope everyone has a great day and Happy Valentine’s Day!



    Silvia M.

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    January Favorites & Recap

    Hello Friday! Guys this week has been a struggle! The week itself flew on by but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m am starting to feel overwhelmed and am having a ton of anxiety. Just keeping it real here and I know many of you who own business & have well life happening sometimes it’s just too much.  I’m definitely needing a long due break before I crack! I hope this weekend will be just that! So I know I’m a bit late since today is the 10th but I still wanted to do my monthly favorites from January! January was kind of a tough month.  I had a lot of new changes and had to adjust to them but it was also a really great month! I’ve grown a lot on my socials & am getting more and more visitors to my blog so #winning! I have a lot to do this month but once I have a mental vacation I think I can handle it with a breeze! From starting an internship with such a wonderful mentor, to making a ton of new blogger friends, and of course finding out where my first trip of the year will be!  So many great things in January and I can’t wait to see what happens this month! Also SIDE NOTE: A lot of my food favorites are kind of well… healthy because I was on Whole 30 (which I finished!) so sorry I’m not mentioning my usual greeds. As always my clothing & beauty options will be linked down below for you to shop!

    Clothing & Accessories

    Cold Shoulder Tops (I mean I had two posts with them!)

    Casual Tennis Shoes

    Statement Earrings

    Fringe Jeans (Seriously you need a pair!


    NYX Total Control Drop Foundation (So good and buildable!)

    Naked 3 Palette (Cause it’s pink and well Valentine’s Day duh!)

    Gucci Guilty EDT

    Red Carpet Gel Nails Kit (This kit is amazing and I highly recommend!)


    Sweet Potatoes (Literally loved these on Whole 30)

    Unsweetened Coconut Milk (Just started to drink this courtesy of Whole 30 but so good!)

    Larabar’s (Perfect to kick any sweet tooth and they are healthy!)

    Music & TV & Movies

    Shape of you by Ed Sheeran (I have to listen to it at least once a day!)

    Not Nice by PartyNextDoor (Love the beat!)

    The OC (yes I am rewatching it!)

    The Originals (Haven’t watched in a while so had a nice binge)

    LaLaLand (Seriously so GOOD! MUST WATCH!

    I had such a great month and I can’t wait to see what else this year has in store! February is already quickly flying by but I’m excited for everything going on. Let me know what your wins of January were or anything that you were loving the month of January.

    Let’s finish off this Friday strong and I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!



    Silvia M.

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