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    5 tips to Refresh your Home after the Holidays

    Thank goodness it’s Friday or as some like to say TGIF! I’m super excited because I’m so looking forward to my 3-day weekend so that I can catch up on some sleep and catch up some work that I’ve been needing to do since idk probably November.  Don’t worry it’s not that I’ve been procrastinating it’s just that I’ve been so busy and then the holiday rush… well you guys get it.

    So one thing that I have been able to do is clear out my place of all things Christmas! I know many people were able to take down their tree the day after Christmas but something about that seems cruel to me I don’t know.  (Maybe it was all the Disney movies I’ve watched as a kid 🙂 )  I don’t know about you but once that tree comes down and the stockings are put up for next year it seems like your place is well… empty.  I hate that feeling and I hate looking around and thinking something is missing so luckily I’ve come up with 5 ways to not get that feeling.

    1. Use white colors
      Okay so I always kind of use white around my apartment because it makes it feel light and airy. (This also could be just me just saying.) I just feel it gives it a very open and welcoming feeling and the fact that I have a huge window in my living room helps bounce off that white!
    2. Pillows
      Nothing says hello new season that pillows! Here’s a fun fact about me I’m obsessed with buying throw pillows (my bf hates them) no matter how many I already have at home! The current colors I’m using in my décor I’m obsessed with because it’s a color one that one I love and two that both my bf and I agreed on.
    3. New wall art
      My wall art isn’t new so let’s not get it twisted (you know this if you have come over) but with the holidays colors gone it goes so much better with my décor again! Everything flows and just brings the whole living room space together!
    4. Curtains
      I promise I have curtains and also that I’ve been living in my current apartment since August and have yet to put them up (maybe a this weekend chore). Curtains can make a space have a whole new perspective.  You don’t realize this until you throw some up and are like “wow look how much bigger it looks and more put together.”
    5. Flowers & décor
      Artificial flowers are another one of those things I’m obsessed with buying! Don’t get me wrong I love the real deal (especially in the kitchen or on the dining room table) but having artificial flowers that are seasonal are great! Again, with the color white I love any white artificial flowers (I currently have peonies and white glitter feathers behind them). As far as décor anything that goes with your them I would say is a yes! I have course have some coffee table books and to go with my décor I have a vase that is filled with sand and shells and has a shell candle! (Beach theme right here obviously!)

    I hope this helped many of you that were or are still on my struggle bus of letting go of Christmas.  Don’t worry guys in another 11 months we can bust it all out! (For some of us 10 months 🙂 ) I’ve linked some of my favorite home decor pieces (some on sale!) at the bottom for all of those looking for a refresh!

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!



    Silvia M.

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    Whole 30: What is it and what to buy?!

    As many of you know I have started on my goals for 2017 right away! I’ve restarted BBG and decided to do Whole 30 again! I’m not even going to lie it’s pretty tough.  With everyday life and of course any disasters that may come with it sometimes you want to break down and just give up.  Don’t! I promise if you do you will only feel better for maybe 5 minutes and then realize you just let everything you’ve been working for go! It sucks trust me!

    Anyways so some people who have no idea what BBG or Whole 30 is.  Well luckily for you I’m here to help explain one of those today! So, Whole 30 is all about a body reset.  I decided to do this now because the holidays kind of through me for a loop (I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it!).  You aren’t allowed to eat certain things (carbs, sugar, the usual) but are able to eat lots of options! BTW this is not a diet! Consider it a start to a lifestyle change. 🙂 Side note I also purchased FitTea because along with resetting I want to detox! (I may be a little crazy I know!) This is my second time doing it and I highly recommend it! Yes, you will have your lows but you also have amazing highs! At least try it and see if it’s something you like!

    So now onto the grocery list! This is what I usually buy and it’s all good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (also snacks!).


    Veggies                                               Fruit                                        Protein

    Spinach                                               Lemons                                     Chicken legs
    Carrots                                                Limes                                        Chicken breast
    Sweet Potatoes                                  Apples                                       Ground Turkey (LOTS!)
    Broccoli                                               Bananas                                   Eggs
    Onions                                                 Strawberries                           Chicken Sausage
    Green Beans                                       Blueberries                              Steak

    Fats                                                     Drinks                                   Other

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil                     Water                                       Balsamic Vinegar
    Ghee (Clarified Butter)                  Sparkling Water                     Chicken Broth
    Coconut Oil                                      Almond Milk                           Salt
    Almond Butter                                 Coconut Milk                          Pepper
    Avocados (LOTS!)                           Coffee                                       Cinnamon
    Cashews                                             Tea                                           Paprika
    Pecans                                                                                                  Thyme
    Pistachios                                                                                            Canned Tuna/Chicken


    I hope this shopping list helps and that many of you give Whole 30 a try! I’ll link the book here if anyone is interested in buying it! Let me know if you’ve tried Whole 30 and if you haven’t what are somethings that you have done to give your body a full reset!

    Have a great hump day!



    Silvia M.

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    Work it out Girl

    I know many people make resolutions to lose weight or to get back in shape when the new year starts. I have made a similar goal but my goal involves effectively putting it in my schedule. I’m sure we’ve all been there before or might be at that exact place right now! Well one thing that always gets me back in the groove of things is workout clothes.

    Seriously guys they have some super cute workout clothes out there! Nothing gets me more excited than shopping so when I go out and buy super cute yoga pants and tanks I get all giddy inside. (Try it!) Of course, you still have to do the work and push yourself to get up and move but having some super cute clothes makes it so much easier! I’m a person of color when it comes to work out clothes. Don’t get me wrong I have lots of black but I also have fun bright pops of color!

    I’m starting the Kayla Intinses BBG again and I feel confident that this regiment will go great for me! I’ve already finished week one and no it wasn’t easy but I feel great about it! I truly feel that it will be a great program and it works with my schedule so thumbs up from this girl! 🙂

    Along with BBG I will be doing the Whole 30 again! I’ve done it before but wasn’t as successful as I would have liked. Now don’t get me wrong I’m going to try my hardest to comply with the entire thing but I may have a cheat meal on the weekends (you know celebrate the small wins!) or add a seasoning that has a little sugar. I will do a whole post on Whole 30 and BBG so don’t worry you’re on this fitness journey with me! 🙂

    Luckily for Christmas I was able to get a lot of great gifts from loved ones so I’m prepared to start my journey. I’m confident about everything and with cute clothes, confidence, and amazing music anything can change! I’ll link what I’m wearing down below!

    What’s a goal your hoping to accomplish this year?

    Silvia M.

    Fashion & Beauty

    Tips for shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

    Omg it’s here again! The best time of the year! No not Christmas or my birthday.  If you haven’t heard (or aren’t aware) today is the Lily Pulitzer After Party Sale! If you are girl who loves Lilly (aka me), then today is one the best days for you too! If you’ve never shopped or need a refresher and how this all works, don’t worry! I have plenty of tips for you so that you can shop and get exactly what you want!

    Tip #1 Make an account/Update your information

    If you have never shopped on the website before make an account! I can’t tell you how vital this is when you get to the checkout page.  With so many people online trying to shop and get some of the best deals Lilly has to offer you need to have everything ready for a smooth checkout.  If you have shopped online, update any billing, shipping, or credit card information.  I promise if you do this it will be so easy!

    Tip #2 Wake Up Early

    Okay so I hope you are reading this post early this morning because you need to run over there now! If you are hoping to get a dress or a cute Elsa top, then RUN!  The sizing for these two items are usually some of the first that start to sell out! Don’t worry I got on last year at about 8:30 and was still able to get a good number of things I wanted.

    Tip #3 Read the FAQ page

    If you haven’t already or again have never shopped this sale this is your holy grail! It will give you all the information about shipping, credit charges, etc.  This is also one of those things that will make your experience a lot smoother so make sure to read up! I will link it here to make it easier!

    Tip #4 Get everything in one order

    I’ve made mistakes in the past where I forgot something and had to do two separate order which means two separate waits in the virtual line.  (rolls eyes) If you know what you want or what you are looking for make sure to use the search tools to refine your search.  It will make it way easier to get what you want or to find what you are looking for.

    Tip #5 Use more than one device

    I know I know everyone that seems a little far-fetched but with crazy Lilly lover it can never be too far-fetched.  The website does crash, your cart goes empty, or even worse you lose wifi signal! I mean anything can happen so make sure to use a laptop, phone, desktop, tablet, or whatever you have that can get on the internet.  I promise you won’t regret it.

    Okay guys that’s all I have! I hope everyone finds these tips helpful and has a great time shopping the sale! Is anyone else shopping the sale today? Let me know what’s on your wishlist down below!



    Silvia M.

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