Traveling to: Disney Hollywood Studios

    Welcome back everyone! Hope everyone is having a great week so far! It’s already Wednesday so that’s definitely something to celebrate! I’m going back to the rodeo tonight and I’m so excited! I will be going to the Chris Young concert and maybe I’ll grab another turkey leg… don’t judge!

    So today’s post is going to be a recap/what to do when you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios! I’m missing Disney more and more everyday and seriously can’t wait to go back! WARNING: I have a TON of pictures and really tried to narrow down as much as I could and this post will probably be lengthy! Without any further ado let’s get into the post!

    If you have never been to Disney or haven’t visited the Disney Hollywood Studios park here is the biggest thing you can take from me.  The park is small and you don’t have to be there all day! (Unless you want to of course). I got there a bit later closer to the afternoon and was still able to do so much! I did everything on my bucket list but if yours is really long or you just have to see everything in the park then maybe going earlier than I did would be wise.

    The day we visited Hollywood Studios we got up a bit later and decided to book a character experience breakfast buffet.  In my opinion it was so worth it! We had an amazing breakfast at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and got to take pictures with different characters! If this is something you are debating doing I would say do it a bit later when most of the breakfast crowd has gone and enjoy! (Note: Our reservation was at 10:15 AM and it took about 5 minutes to get seated.) After breakfast, we decided to tour the Grand Floridian because once you walk on the property you just realize it’s a dream! It was so beautiful inside and out and I’ve officially decided that next time I visit this just might be the place I need to stay! They have amazing amenities and so many things to do that I would recommend checking this place out.

    At about 11:45 we decided it was time to start heading towards the park.  Once we were at the Grand Floridian they have buses that will take you to whichever park you are heading towards.  Since spring was pretty much knocking when I went to Disney the parks were decorated in the most beautiful spring flowers and had some of the greatest displays! Make sure to take some pictures when you first walk in.


    As far as rides and fast passes.  There aren’t too many rides! We rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror, The Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania!, and Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.  Fast passes here are different than at Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.  You get to do one major ride or show and the rest are smaller shows or rides.  (Don’t worry still just as good.)  We started the day with a fast pass to the Fantasmic show but once I realized we would still be able to get it later I canceled it and switched my picks.

    As far as shows I was able to watch Voyage of The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage, Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away, and Fantasmic.  The shows are constantly playing throughout the day (except Fantansmic) so if you don’t have lunch for a while or don’t have fast pass for a couple hours check these out! They were all really great shows!  Also for Fantasmic it’s a great show! It brings a ton of Disney characters into the show and kind of follows Mickey’s Fantasia.  It has fireworks and lots of great songs! Must watch if you can get to it!


    So not going to lie here I didn’t eat lunch or dinner at the park because 1. We had a huge breakfast so we were both still full and 2. It was dinner or Fantasmic and I preferred to watch the show! We did have a ton of delicious treats like Mickey Shaped Ice Cream Bar & pretzel, lemonade, and a rice krispy!  I heard they have some great options for food though!


    Meeting characters is one of my favorite parts of Disney! I had a bunch I wanted to cross off my bucket list and can say I did! I was able to meet Moana, Buzz, Woody, and Olaf! There were others scattered around the park but since I was going to be there another day I didn’t worry about the usual’s like Mickey etc.  Also if you are a huge Star Wars fan then they have meet & greets with characters or if you have little ones that watch Disney Junior they also have meet & greet with the characters of some popular shows! NOTE: If you are walking around the Pixar part of the park you might even see the green army toys from Toy Story!


    I had an amazing time at Hollywood Studios! I did get a birthday button upon entering the park and I got a ton of happy birthdays and was lucky enough to get a free mug from one of the souvenir shops! (Seriously I wasn’t expecting anything except hearing happy birthday everywhere I went).  I can’t wait to book my next trip to Disney!

    I know this blog post is super long but I hope I answered any questions for those who are going and those that aren’t I hope you had a great time with me recapping my adventures!



    Silvia M.


    Disney Springs Guide for First Timers

    Hi loves! We are back from such a great weekend and for some a long and fun spring break! The Monday after all fun events is always the worst but the bright side is once it’s over you’ve completed your first Monday back! (I know I’m the worst trying to make a bad into a good).  Let’s just all drink a ton of coffee, eat a donut if you have one available, and kill this Monday girlboss style.

    To lighten today’s mood, I thought I would share about one of my experiences at Disney.  As many of you know I spent a fabulous couple of days in Disney for my birthday.  I had such a great time at Disney and am missing it every single day!  I keep going back and looking at all the pictures and just keep reminiscing on all the fun and laughter that I had up there! Disney is such a great place to go and feel like a kid again.  I know I do!

    One of the things that we got to do is go to Disney Springs.  This was my first time at Disney Springs and it did not disappoint.  Today I’m here to share with you my first experience and what you should do if you are going to visit for the first time!


    One of the many great things that Disney Springs offers is food! They have so many restaurants that it will be hard to choose (trust me).  I got to try some options and these are definitely on my favorite list.

    House of Blues-The Front Porch: They do have the restaurant right next door but the front porch was so cute! They had live music and the weather was nice so I couldn’t be happier with our choice.  To eat I had a shredded chicken BBQ sandwich with a beer!

    Planet Hollywood Observatory: So many delicious options for food! We went here to try Supernova Shakes and they definitely did not disappoint! This shake is what dreams are made of! We got the Strawberry Big Bang and it’s a strawberry shake with icing and sprinkles all over the cup and they add a slice of birthday cake to the top and finish it off with a delicious rainbow lollipop.  This is no joke and you should definitely save room for it! We also tried their Cosmic Colada and it was yummy! Plus, we got a souvenir cup! 🙂

    Sprinkles: If you don’t have one near you try one of their cupcakes! They are so good and if you are celebrating your birthday, sign up for their program online so that you can stop in and get one for free!

    Tea Traders Café by Joffrey’s: Try everything here! I wish I had! The Frozen Chai was way to good and I seriously could go for one right now! It is spiked but they also have regular chai for those who aren’t looking to drink.


    Disney Springs has a ton of things to ranging for kids to adults! Trust me there is an option for every one!

    Shopping:  Guys this is like a mini mall and has so many great stores including, Zara, Lilly Pulitzer, Alex & Ani, Sephora, Vera Bradley, Lego Store, Anthropologie, and of course we can’t forget about all the Disney specialty shops! If you are looking to get any shopping in this is definitely the place!

    Movies: There is an AMC and you can grab some dinner here too! Perfect if you are wanting to do some shopping or any of the other entertainment while you leave the kids to watch and eat!

    Cirque Du Soleil: One of the best things offered is this right here! There are shows every night and it is such a great date night idea!

    Characters in Flight: Okay so I’m scared of flights but this looked way to cool to pass up! They have a hot air balloon and for $20 you can go up and get a great view of Disney World! It’s definitely something I think everyone should do! TIP: You can get a 50% discount on Groupon if you look it up!

    One of the best things I think you can do is take in the location and all the amazing views! It is right next to some water and it’s so beautiful and romantic during the day or at night! Grab a pretzel from Wetzel’s Pretzels & and tea from Tea Trader’s Café and just enjoy the view! I promise you won’t regret it!

    I hope you guys enjoyed my guide to Disney Springs!  If you’ve been to Disney Springs, tell me what your favorite spots to hit up are! I know I will definitely be visiting again!


    Silvia M.

    Fashion & Beauty

    What to Wear to the Rodeo

    Hello Friday, happy St. Patrick’s Day, and my one and only day of spring break! Haha!  Very excited to have this day off to relax and kind of recoup.  I feel like I’m starting to get back into the swing of things but am still a bit tired after my trip.  I’m very much looking forward to a relaxing day but also am looking forward to hanging out with friends!

    One of things I’m most looking forward to is the rodeo! OMG the fact that it’s going into week 3 and I still haven’t gone is astonishing to me! Guys you don’t get it last year I’m pretty sure I was there every day like not kidding EVERY DAY.  For those of you who don’t live in Houston or in Texas for that matter the rodeo is a special time in a Texans life.  It’s very much all about cowboys and typical farm animals like horses, bulls, etc. but it’s also a huge celebration!  In Houston, it usually goes on during the month of March and it has a carnival, a competition, lots and lots of food (I MEAN TONS!), and who can forget all the great concerts.  The line-up for the concerts comes out in January and the anticipation begins!

    So of course, if you are going to attend the rodeo you have to dress the part (I mean it’s all about being a Texan right?).  Yes, I do own cowboy boots and yes I am proud of them! I wear them to the rodeo and wear them during football season because it’s just a ritual here.  Luckily for those who aren’t sure what to wear to the rode I have a few things to offer aka tips!


    Boots: already mentioned these and trust me they are a must!

    Jeans: It’s March and Houston and the weather can be funky.  At night, it can get kind of cool so I prefer jeans but don’t get me wrong I also love other pieces which brings me to next point.

    -Dresses/Rompers: Nothing looks cuter than a dress or romper paired with your cowboy boots… it just doesn’t!

    -Big Belt: YES YES YES! If you want to make a statement this is the way to do it! Belts can totally change an outfit and give you some edge.

    -Hats: If you are brave enough to wear gallon hats GO FOR IT.  I’m not a big hat fan but they are totally cute! Even baseball caps because Texas.

    -Denim: If you own anything denim this is the time to bring it out!  Yes, I’m talking 2000’s Brittany & Justin Timberlake style.

    -OTS Tops: Really any top will look just fine paired with jeans but I love OTS tops so I mention them in anything 🙂

    -Plaid Button Ups: Again, very classic cowboy look but SO perfect for the rodeo!

    In my outfit, I’m wearing a cold shoulder top because I’ve mentioned I’m obsessed with them in previous posts so I don’t feel like I even need to explain this one. (haha!) I paired the cute top with some semi distressed jeans and of course my cowboy boots! I decided to add some fun color since the spring season is upon us and I love how the outfit turned out! For the bag, I knew anything with tassels would look perfect and I found the perfect bag! If I can find everything I will link it below along with other options if you need some fun rodeo wear!

    For all my first-timers good luck! The rodeo can be “cray” but it’s so fun, worth the time, and you will make so many great memories! When it’s over you will be begging it to come back!   Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you see me at the rodeo make sure to say hey!


    Silvia M.





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