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    Whole 30 Week 2

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    Happy Friday! Give yourself a pat on the back it’s officially the weekend! Not only that It’s Memorial Day weekend which means 3-day weekend! If I could do a cartwheel I would be doing one but I can’t. (Hahah!) Today I’m going to be sharing my Whole 30 Week 2.  I know I’m super behind on this post but better late than never. Let’s jump right into it!

    Day 8: Wonderful

    Mother’s Day has come and gone and I’m feeling amazing! I was able to have some fun with my family and was able to control the environment around me.  I know it won’t always be this easy but at least yesterday was.  Continuing my journey strong and excited to see what’s to come.

    Day 9: Still going strong

    No cheats, no bad feelings, why does everyone think this is so hard!

    Day 10: Not another egg

    Breakfast is usual… eggs.  My body is feeling great but my head is saying please no more eggs! (I don’t blame it).  When I do cleanses or any weight loss diets eggs are always such a huge part of the diet.  Not only that they are very easy to make and can be made so many different ways.  But this girl is just OVER THEM! Someone send recipes!

    Day 11: I want Chick Fil A!

    Going to blogger events usually means there will be drinks and some light snacks.  Well that usually means no Whole 30 approved snacks and life becomes TOUGH.  I can proudly say I didn’t crack but I wanted to so bad! When I left the event I was so proud of myself that I wanted to reward myself with… Chick-Fil-A! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my poor story where I was just craving it! (Also I found out that the fridge has some AMAZING lighting… is this what they mean light at the end of the tunnel?)

    Day 12: Brunch & Date Night

    Okay guys I love to brunch!  It’s a part of me and I don’t think it’s something I’m willing to give up because I’m on Whole 30.  The good thing about brunch is that there are a ton of Whole 30 options (here comes the eggs again).  The bad thing is that I also like lattes and mimosas also sometimes I really could go for some waffles.  Well those are all off limits so I have to make the best of it and usually eat well eggs.  It’s all good though because the best part of brunch is the conversation! I knew I loved having them but didn’t realize how much until I went to brunch with one of my blogger besties Ressa.  We had such good conversation and such a good time I didn’t care that I was eating eggs! I spent the day with my girlfriend and then went out on a date that night with Ryan.  We had BBQ and it was so yummy! Of course no sauce but it totally didn’t matter.

    Day 13: Brunch #2 and Chinese food

    This weekend was going to be a busy one filled with brunches and I knew it.  I was on such a high from the day before that I thought hey no matter what happens I can do it! Well turns out that wasn’t the case.  This restaurant was very special to its craft and the craft was soufflés.  It smelled of bread and cheese and I was so sad. (No seriously).  Nevertheless, I was happy because the entire girl crew was back in action (aka blogger meeting) and I was so excited! I hadn’t been around the whole gang since late March I believe.  Sadly, after leaving all I could think about was the amazing smell of cheese I had encountered. Also weirdly enough I started craving Chinese food (trust me I have no idea what one does with the other).  I didn’t give in to my ways but boy did I want to.

    Day 14: Brunch #3

    I know guys I know.  Three brunches in one week WTF!?! This weekend was extra special though because I was seeing a lot of people (some for the first time) and I just couldn’t say no! Anyways that’s what bloggers do right?! Have convo, brunch, and take pictures (totally joking on this but that seems to be what everyone things).  As far as food this place was Mexican food so it was perfect! Granted I had a very basic egg with potatoes but I was just happy with it.  I got to eat brunch with three amazing ladies and we were having some great conversation.  No really we didn’t end up leaving the restaurant until almost 4! In the end, a great weekend overall!


    Okay so I’m still feeling great and giving in doesn’t seem like an option.  Don’t get me wrong the temptation is there and I want to sometimes but just knowing what it will cost deters me away.  So, no I didn’t get to eat a yummy soufflé and no I didn’t get my Chick Fil A but that will always be there! (At least I hope so or I will literally can’t haha!)

    Now I’m not going to lie to you this weekend is going to be tough.  I might just make an exception because it’s a 3-day weekend and we are going out of town.  My boyfriend’s sister was kind enough to let us stay in her apartment since she will be out of town so I’m packing some food to make at her place.  That being said if you see an ice cream cone or that donut on my Instagram it might not be mine so don’t fret! But also I may have snuck a tiny bite.  I promise I’ll try to be good though!

    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and remember I’ll be posting on Tuesday instead of my usual Monday!



    Silvia M.

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